I'm Nickie, and I'm a media content creator. Nice to meet you. 

Based in Canada, I'm a writer, film and radio producer, and a journalist covering social impact and culture. I also run my own comms business, offering copywriting and copyediting services to clients like Globe Content Studio (content marketing division of The Globe and Mail).

🖋️ In journalism, I've penned two columns for Ottawa's biggest business paper, and have written for publications like Shondaland and CBC Arts.

🎥 In film and TV, I've produced and written documentary series for platforms like CBC and Bell Fibe TV1.  In 2022, I was selected as a fellow of the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative for my script-writing. 

🎧 I also love audio storytelling (long live the podcast industry), which took me into the radio and podcasting world, where I've produced content at Canada’s longest-running campus radio station.

💻 As a copywriter, I combine my creativity with my sharp journalistic eye to craft compelling content for clients. I've written everything from a case study on a top gaming developer to an IP protection white-paper to a video script for a major environmental NGO. 

Growing up in the UK as a second-generation Iranian immigrant, I always knew I wanted to tell stories. I started out penning a TV column for a local newspaper and - *hair flip* - even had a short-lived stint writing joke horoscopes. ✨ 

No matter which hat I'm wearing, my mission is always the same: using storytelling excellence for good.

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