Writer, Comms Strategist and Community Builder.

Whether it's leading national marketing campaigns or working with local grassroots organizations, my mission is always the same — using storytelling excellence for social impact.

With a background in both print and digital journalism (including a stint as an Agony Aunt), my career has taken me from corporate copywriting to creative scriptwriting, from hosting an award-winning documentary series to social entrepreneurism.

Creatively, I develop film, theatre and arts projects focusing on immigrant identities as expressed through art, culture and politics. As a community builder, I have partnered with and launched initiatives in Canada's capital and Exeter, UK to support arts, culture and civic engagement.

Spaces you'll currently find me in:

  • TV Presenter: Creatorland, award-winning documentary now airing on CBC ttawa.
  • SoGal Ottawa Co-Lead: The only Canadian chapter for the largest global network connecting diverse entrepreneurs and investors. My co-lead and I host a monthly event series in Ottawa on bridging the diversity gap in entrepreneurship, and are bringing SoGal’s global pitch competition to Ottawa, giving up to three diverse entrepreneurs the chance to win up to $600K in investments, 1:1 mentorship from Silicon Valley VCs, and top-tier press exposure.
  • Board Member & Marketing Director: Digi60 Film Festival, Ottawa's leading filmmakers' festival, creating and sustaining a vibrant filmmaking community in Canada's capital.

Teaser trailer for Creatorland, award-winning documentary series now airing on CBC Ottawa. 

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